New certificate completed

Success! I’ve just completed a Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. I did it mostly online, with a few in-person stays in Toronto to attend some courses that were in-class only that really caught my interest.

I would say it’s been a satisfying journey. I started in 2016 with Introduction to Creative Writing, and learned a lot about myself right from the get-go. I learned my strengths, and I learned what to watch for in my writing. My world opened up to literary experiences I hadn’t considered.

My final project and oral defense was the first half of my upcoming novel (or novella, depending on what happens with it), Two Point O. The first three chapters are available on this website under Writing Samples.

A great big thank-you to the faculty and students of the University of Toronto. I will carry what I’ve learned from you forward into my life and work.

Puram et supra, terram! (Onward and upward!)

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