I’ve just made a Sensible Decision.

It’s human nature to be fearful of change, but the old adage is true: Change is the only constant in life. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So I’ve decided not to go to film school this year. Financial reasons. Instead, I’m concentrating on finishing my novel. I’m up to 20,000 words, and it’s on hold right now while the University of Toronto puts it through the Final Project Tutorial, the last requirement for the Certificate in Creative Writing. (Not that it’ll look particularly hire-me on my resume or anything, but in the three and a half years I’ve pursued it, it’s given me a portfolio and approximately one-quarter of a novel — so far.)

If I spent my ongoing retirement savings on film school for the next two years, I would maybe be hired on as a PA on some set where I’d be making Starbucks runs for people half my age. It worked for Robert de Niro in The Intern, but it probably wouldn’t work for me. Plus I’d be two years behind in the savings that are going to allow me to, you know, have a life in retirement, and possibly even take the odd production class.

Flux is flux, and changing your mind can be a good thing.

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