Making Time for Writing

One of the hardest things about writing is figuring out how to make time for it.

In my situation, I’m taking the UCLA Extension one-hour spec writing class online for that simple reason. If I weren’t taking the class, I probably wouldn’t find the time to write. Taking the class gives me accountability. If I don’t write my synopsis this week, I miss the deadline. If I miss the deadline, I get a poor grade. If I get a poor grade, I have to admit to myself that I’ve failed in front of others. Plus I’ve wasted my money. That’s incentive.

I’m also studying for the GRE, which I’m taking in a little over three weeks. I also have a business to run to keep my bank account in the black and support my writing-class-taking habit. So it’s easy to tell myself that I can’t make the time.

Guess what? With this week’s class deadline looming, somehow I did. I just wrote my Bull synopsis while sitting in front of Family Feud.

So, my top three recommendations on how to make time?

  1. Pay money to take a class. That way, you have people watching you meet your deadline. You have a grade lurking in your future to tell you you’ve succeeded or not.
  2. Make your environment as relaxed as possible. If it makes you uncomfortable not to have distractions like the TV, have that TV on. Nothing summons the staring-at-a-blank-screen spectre as effectively as setting aside time, religiously eliminating all possible distractions, and “preparing” yourself to sit down for half an hour and stare at a blank screen.
  3. Relax. Know that whatever you write can be rewritten. Especially if you’re doing this on a computer, nothing is ever set in stone.

Incidentally, my working title for my Bull episode is “Making Time”. I’ve just submitted a rough synopsis, and we’ll see what changes are made through feedback.

So, go ahead and relax. Make the time. You can do it. I promise.


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